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Complex applications, incompatibility, lengthy maintenance procedures and data losses will be an old memory. You won’t know how you ever went without such simplicity, accessibility, quick integration, monitoring and confidentiality.


Increase collaboration and communication, safely and securely: share your data on private infrastructure in Switzerland with FileCloud and count on a professional email platform with a Hosted Exchange service. Create and share, no matter where you are, on any device, with Office 365, the updated evolution of the Microsoft suite, accessible from the cloud.


An advanced solution designed especially to completely resolve your company's security vulnerabilities. Prevent malware attacks with Endpoint Protection, centrally managing all your devices from the cloud. Send and receive emails with peace of mind thanks to Mailcleaner, blocking incoming threats, and organise your mailbox with Mailstore to store and search for messages in their entirety. You’ll even be protected from legal risks.


Magnolia's customisable hosting services are functional, robust, scalable and intuitive. Dedicate yourself full-time to content management and let our team of certified staff handle your hosting needs. Tinext is one of the main partners of Magnolia, guaranteeing unrivalled expertise in the implementation of ambitious CMS solutions, designed to go above and beyond your goals.

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