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Complex applications, incompatibility, lengthy maintenance procedures and data losses will be just a memory. You won’t ever know how you went without such simplicity, accessibility, quick integration, monitoring and confidentiality.

Tinext offers an innovative set of applications that make collaboration simple and communicate perfectly among each other, while avoiding any interruption or loss of information.


Increase collaboration and communication in a completely safe way: share your data on a private infrastructure in Switzerland with FileCloud, for quick and completely secure exchanges. You don’t have to do any installation, we will take care about any technical aspect.

For emails, we have a dedicated Hosted Exchange. Thanks to our platform, you will not have any management problem, having the chance to activate endless accounts. Better performances, improved experience and absolute control of the Storage Data. You can exclusively focus on your activity sharing your data anywhere, even in mobility, thanks to the complete suite of Microsoft applications accessible in Cloud, among which Office 365.


We guarantee you data protection and security at the highest levels with the advanced Endpoint Protection systems for the protection of peripheral devices, often used by hackers as access points to steal sensitive data. We prevent malware through centralised management from cloud to all devices. This way, it is possible to reduce weak points and reduce system’s vulnerability, preserving the whole company security.

Through the Mailcleaner software, the best anti-spam and ant-virus Open Source, we can block any threat entering your inbox, allowing you to send and receive messages with peace of mind. Furthermore, you should not think about storage, as thanks to MailStore you can trust on the most reliable E-mail Archiving system to store and recover messages in their entirety.


Hosting by Magnolia is functional, strong, scalable and intuitive. Trusting our hosting service management, you could only focus on the production of content without useless technical worries. You can rely on a completely scalable CMS solution in order to meet quickly the renewed needs of your company. You can trust our professionals service in order to communicate directly with your dedicated consultant. 

Tinext is one of the main Magnolia's partners and this guarantees you a unique expertise in the integration of ambitious CMS solutions specifically projected to reach your goals. With more than 800 successful implementations, we will be able to find and realize the best solution for your business.

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