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Your office, always with you

Thanks to our Hosted Exchange Services, you can manage your mail from any device, in order to bring your office always with you. Tinext avails itself of innovative technologies based on the Microsoft Exchange platform, allowing a perfect collaboration among all the company applications and structures. This way, we can ensure you a complete synchrony between hardware and software by creating an infrastructure which can be accessed at any time from pc, tablet and smartphone.


Thanks to the integration of the Hosted Exchange Systems, you can benefit of a structure easy to use, easy to manage and cheap to maintain. Thanks to the synchronization of data, you can access your company mail from any mobile device. For the management of information and services, you just have to access the control panel from which you can personalize the accounts, create lists of contacts and connect with other external systems.

You will have available all the space you need to archive your emails without any restrictions. You can define access hierarchies, activate public emails perfectly synchronized with any fixed or mobile device, or work even when you are offline. The data transfer, inside the protocols POP3 and IMAP4 will be automatically managed from the system in order to let you focus on your projects without any worry.


The Hosted Exchange service allows you to access your data through internet, at any time and from any device integrated in the virtual structure. The connection is controlled by sophisticated cryptographic protocols with an excellent protection system against external threats, such as viruses or junk mail. Every day a complete back up is done to avoid the loss of important information; furthermore, you can recover any data with simple recovery operations.

With Tinext, you can rely on a team of technicians always at your disposal, who are able to assist you in the management of the integration procedures, migration and personalization of Hosted Exchange systems. A guarantee of privacy for your business, with the highest level of security, reliability and efficiency.