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Is your storage aligned with business demands?

Data are growing exponentially. Companies must store a huge amount of them, often for a long time, making them always available and accessible from anywhere. Cloud storage has become a strong need and must meet specific requirements: first of all, supporting S3 protocol, the de facto standard for storing unstructured data. Speed, availability, security - typical of an enterprise storage - are key elements to consider too. 

As costs still represent a key factor, companies favour a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating upfront investments as well as the expenses for updating and maintenance of their own storage, thus freeing up precious financial resources.

The choice of Tinext for the Storage as a Service

The packaged solutions offered by Public Cloud are diverse and engaging but not always suitable for everyone: there are other important aspects to consider, such as data sovereignty, closeness and performance, ease of management and not least, unpredictable costs.

Tinext MCS selected Zadara storage to offer enterprise-grade Storage as a Service (STaaS) with exclusive data availability, protection and security capabilities, localization and 24/7 direct support from Tinext’s systems engineers. 

With the combination of Tinext MCS and Zadara, clients can simplify their storage management by scaling performance and capacity as needed, making their companies more agile and ready to meet business demands, enjoying the flexibility of the pay-as-you-go approach


Adopting the Tinext MCS’s Enterprise Storage as a Service (STaaS), companies get rid of all the storage lifecycle management issues -  plan, purchase, install and configure, maintain and upgrade, retire and dispose of equipment – reducing the risk of technological obsolescence.

By supporting the more important protocols, STaaS allows companies to manage their data with the widest flexibility: S3 for unstructured data archiving, Scale-Out backup repository, Backup from Public Cloud, ransomware protection, long term archiving, object lock and immutability. The Tinext’s Storage as a Service also supports Veeam solutions for multi-tier backup serving companies whose premises infrastructures work with Veeam Backup and Replication. 

Companies with compliance or regulatory constraints find in the Storage as a Service a solution that guarantees data immutability and air gap protection. Moreover, the write-once-read-many (worm) technology works on tapes libraries, the object lock feature allows users to protect critical data from accidental deletion and ransomware.

Storage as a Service offers a scalable, cost-effective solution also for storing large amounts of unstructured data (dumps, logs, data lakes, images, audio, video, etc.). 

Tinext MCS managed services: 100% SWISS AND 100% OPEX

Tinext Managed Cloud Services offers enterprise Storage as a Service by complying with regulations and reducing operational costs with a Pay as You Go cost model and 24/7 support. Call on Tinext MCS’s consultants for a comparison on the advantages and features of the STaaS service: contact us now.