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Powerful backup. Fast, reliable recovery.

It is fundamental that a company always manages to maintain operational continuity: even a few moments of downtime can have a significant impact.


Protect the security of your data by following the 3-2-1-1-0 rule: three copies of the data, on two different media, one of which is kept off-site and regularly tested.


With Veeam Agent Backup, you can achieve this without having to invest money and resources in a secondary infrastructure and without increasing bandwidth.


Tinext MCS offers a fast and secure backup & disaster recovery service for data centers, devices, and corporate cloud, all manageable from a web console: a reliable and customized solution with 24/7 support from our technicians.

Key features


Data ownership ensured with 100% Swiss cloud backup


Instant recovery at-scale


A single platform for all workloads, applications and data


Software-defined, infrastructure agnostic

Main functionalities

Data backup: Fast, secure backup for all your data

  • Automate workload backup and discovery across cloud, virtual, physical and NAS
  • Fast image-based backups take advantage of VMs, hardware and OS snapshots
  • 100% softare-denied and hardware-agnostic solutions for ultimate flexibility

Cloud-reday: Accelerate cloud adopting while reducing cost

  • Policy-based tiering of backup and archive data across object storage classes

Data recovery: Lightning-fast, proven recovery for ANY scenario

  • Achieve your service level agreements (SLAs) with reliable restores from the pioneer of instant recovery
  • Full or item-level recovery of OSes, application, databases, VMs, files, folders, objects and shares
  • Recoved across multiple clouds and platforms with a portable data format

Data Security: Protect against ransomware and cyberthreats

  • End-to-end immutability from the datacenter to the cloud for your backup data
  • Create malware-free backups thanks to automatic scans with trusted malware detection
  • Recover faster than paying a ransom and decrypting your data