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Fast, secure, cloud-based backup and replication

It is fundamental that a company always manages to maintain operational continuity: even a few moments of downtime can have a significant impact.


Protect the security of your data by following the 3-2-1-1-0 rule: three copies of the data, on two different media, one of which is kept off-site and regularly tested.


With Veeam Cloud Connect, you can achieve this without having to invest money and resources in a secondary infrastructure and without increasing bandwidth.


Tinext MCS offers a fast and secure backup & disaster recovery service for data centers, devices, and corporate cloud, all manageable from a web console: a reliable and customized solution with 24/7 support from our technicians.

Veeam Cloud Connect key features


Ransomware protection with data immutability, encrypted backups, and connections


Low RPOs with minimal potential data loss.


Savings on infrastructure and licensing costs with a custom service


Managed backup on a 100% Swiss cloud.

Main functionalities

Natively integrated into Veeam Data Platform

  • Easily send backup and replica jobs offsite to a service provider in just a few clicks
  • No additional licensing requirements for Veeam Data Platform customers


Securely designed

  • End-to-end encryption protects data at the source and in-flight through a secure SSL/TSL connection and at rest
  • Protect backup data for intentional or accidental deletion with insider protection services


Execute a hybrid strategy with Off-site Backup

  • Easily store backups off site for retention, secure recovery and more by leveraging a service provider's cloud
  • Quickly get started without needing to build out additional backup infrastructure


Maintain business continuity with DRaaS

  • Achieve full- or partial-site failover to a remote disaster recovery (DR) site from any location through a secure web portal
  • Meet the most stringent recovery objectives ranging from minutes to seconds with Continuous Data Protection (CDP)