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Physical infrastructures become soon obsolete, obliging you to continuous investments in order not to lose ground regarding competition. Tinext helps you to stay competitive thanks to a wide range of on-demand cloud solutions, which are flexible and perfectly suitable to your needs, whether you choose complete virtualization, hybrid solutions or a tailor-made system. You decide the level of autonomy and investment, while our team will take care of anything else.

IaaS / Virtual Data Center

If you don’t want to buy and manage a physical data center, a complex and expensive structure, you can choose Tinext Virtual Data Center. It is the ideal tool if you want to get excellent and high performances, as well as trust on scalable resources for your applications. We can make your processes more flexible, adaptable and completely computerised, allowing you, at the same time, to maintain complete control over your infrastructure.

Upon request, you will have at your availability the Software Defined Data Center realised by VMware, through which you can check your servers at any time by verifying security and performances. The specialised support 24/7 will give you the technical assistance you need through our dedicated program “training on the job”.

Private Cloud

If you want to be free from the burdens of IT management, you can choose our Private Cloud service. With this service, infrastructure management, backups and emergency recovery will never be a problem again. You can focus solely on the business side of things, while Tinext keeps the cloud operational and performing at its best. With this service, you can also choose to use the Private Cloud as a separate piece of hardware, especially if you want optimal protection of sensitive data.


Tinext’s Private Cloud is secure and offers complete data protection, both for your business and your customers. This service will also enable your IT department to provide cloud services to internal business units within your organisation. Plus, the Private Cloud service works on a pay-per-use basis. There is no monthly fee and you only pay when you actually use the service.

Hybrid Cloud

If you already have an in-house virtualization platform and you want to extend it to the cloud, our hybrid option is what you need. This innovative solution allows you to keep using your systems, while valuing the investment done and being supported by our in-cloud storage service only when you need.

Tinext’s Hybrid Cloud is widely scalable, efficient and convenient: you decide when and which resources should be moved to the cloud, in complete otal freedom and autonomy. The two platforms will always be connected and integrated. Thanks to this system, you can deal with immediate computing peaks without any expensive investment and choose to use your resources for your more sensitive applications.

Virtual server Windows & Linux

Virtual servers are servers that can speed up your services and make them more flexible. With this solution, you can host all your project’s software on a fully dedicated server. This gives you a separate work environment with its own IP address and own RAM, CPU and storage resources.


Virtual servers are ideal if you have a company or business that uses and manages several websites or applications, each of which needs to be separate from other servers. There are clear advantages to this solution: it costs less and you can choose whether you prefer a Full Access or Managed Virtual Server. With a full-access virtual server, you manage and organise it yourself, whereas with a managed virtual server, you are supported by a consulting service.

File Sync & Share

Our Sync & Share solutions are a vital support for companies that have to sync and share documents, files and multimedia elements quickly, securely and in an organised way, both internally and to external partners.


Tinext offers two high-performance solutions: FileCloud and Liquidfiles. FileCloud is a platform for syncing and sharing files on Private Cloud. With FileCloud, you can also adopt a hybrid approach, to access files both through the corporate LAN and remotely.


Liquidfiles is a scalable file transfer system that can be integrated and stands out from the competition because it allows you to maintain full control of your data in all situations. Any file sent containing sensitive customer or patient data will only be shared on your cloud.

Storage as a Service

These days, it is crucial for your company to store information and data electronically. Tinext offers a high-quality and high-performance Storage as a Service solution: Zadara’s zStorage, a secure, scalable and extremely reliable data management and storage solution. You can achieve two objectives with zStorage: manage a high quantity of information while enjoying full data protection.


With zStorage, your company can choose block, file or object storage. During configuration, you can select the protocol, the desired speed and every advanced solution offered by Zadara. zStorage supports almost any protocol (NFS, CIFS, FC, iSCSI, iSER, S3, Swift and many more), data type and location. All highly reliable and secure.

Managed VDI Solution (DaaS)

To stay up to date with the changes that come with digital transformation and ensure maximum security for your company, Tinext offers Desktop as a Service. With a platform managed by our data centres in Switzerland, you can securely distribute virtual desktops and applications on any device.


Thanks to the Managed VDI Solution, you can choose the most suitable VDI solutions for the size of your organisation. Small VDIs for users that use Office apps, medium VDIs for those who use Office and ERP apps and large VDIs for those who also use conferencing platforms like MS Teams and Zoom.


The solution that Tinext offers achieves an experience identical to the desktop on multiple devices, no matter which operating system is installed (Windows, Linux or Mac). The devices are monitored and managed centrally and every piece of data is stored in Tinext’s Tier III data centres in Switzerland.


If your company needs to take full advantage of Cloud innovations, you could use Multicloud solutions with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offered by Tinext, which are ideal for integrating your on-premise, private or public cloud infrastructures.


Azure and AWS services are designed to offer your company the flexibility it needs to innovate everywhere, whether that be in local, multi-cloud or perimeter environments. The solutions offered by Tinext allow you to manage apps, data and access in a multi-cloud environment with total security, giving you advanced protection against all threats.


With Tinext, you can also receive a specific consulting, design, start-up and management service for hybrid cloud networks – solutions that offer greater control, more flexibility and lower costs.

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