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Outsource your IT infrastructure

With Tinext’s colocation services, you can outsource your IT structure and focus solely on your core business. You can entrust your data to Tinext’s innovative and flexible data centres in Switzerland to ensure operational continuity for your company at all times. Our data centres enable you to distribute workloads over different geographical areas and activate immediate Disaster Recovery solutions.

Data Centers

Our Data Centers are located in Tessin (DC-1) and in Zurich (DC-2). The outsourcing of your IT infrastructure allows you to focus on your business core, while leaving Tinext experts to guarantee the operational continuity of your systems even in case of failures or malfunctions. In order to meet the growth of your company, you can even rent hardware by cutting investment costs thanks to flexible solutions.

Dedicated hardware

Reach your full potential in total security and at top speed. The dedicated physical environments are separated from third parties, protected according to strict privacy standards and rigorously monitored 24 hours a day.

The software you need can be pre-installed by our specialised engineers, meaning it's immediately ready to use.

We promise you the highest privacy standards, according to the most severe international protocols.

Our certifications