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Need of Business Continuity for SCuDo

SCuDo is a home assistance and care service, operative in Lugano since 1999, directly subsidized by districts and the Canton and classified as an Institution of public utility. During the years, SCuDo has developed a complex IT infrastructure needing a particular care for what concerned security and functioning. 


Malfunctions and interruptions of connection to servers caused the whole system to stop for shorter or longer periods leading to consequent economic losses and consistent reputation damages. Through a Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, Tinext MCS has supported SCuDo in finding the best solution to guarantee the operative continuity and the respect of the agreements with its clients, as well as a moderate and flexible investment.

No service interruptions thanks to Disaster Recovery as a Service

During the consulting phase, we have worked with our client to build a tailor-made offer and define a Disaster Recovery Plan, perfectly answering to its needs. Hence, we have identified in Disaster Recovery as a Service the best solution to guarantee SCuDo the best protection of sensitive data and the operative continuity it needed.

Through more steps, we made some interventions to consolidate the complex and fragmented IT infrastructure of our client, and then copy it in cloud. Back up data and off-site copies are kept in our Swiss Datacenter, a structure equipped with the best technologies to guarantee the best security of information.

In case of need or disaster, it will be possible to access the copied infrastructure to reduce the downtime and the consequent economic losses.

This thanks to a moderate and flexible investment, calculated according to the quantity of data copied and kept in the Remote Storage.


Operative continuity even in case of disasters or malfunctions.

Moderate cost of recovery system in case of failure.

Moderate cost of recovery system in case of failure.

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