New solutions, new horizons.

Are you ready for the future?

There is no doubt that the speed of technological life cycles is a challenge for large companies and SMEs alike. But what if it were possible to turn these challenges into competitive advantages? All while maintaining ownership of your data and tools, minimising operational costs and related risks?

With Tinext, you can count on the stability of a qualified, experienced group, able to assist and advise you as you create concrete business advantages, for today and tomorrow.

The key to the future

The key to the business of the future is the ability to innovate. We believe innovation isn’t possible while still using legacy systems. High total cost of ownership, reduced business continuity and the constant quest for the most secure solution are added to the pressure of an ever-changing regulatory environment. Tinext is here as your trusted partner in the implementation of a smart, secure MCS selection, backed in the long term by ICT professionals.

Double the opportunities, half the risks

We don’t only offer the most cutting-edge technology in the industry, we know that full control should remain in your hands, which is precisely where Tinext excels as a partner. At our tier III Data Center in Ticino, you can see where your data are stored, in person. Our clients can count on efficient, attentive 24/7 service, updates, complete support and reliable infrastructure that minimises risks and helps your business grow.