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Solutions for the future

IT panorama has changed

If software has been the focus of technological development for years, there is no doubt that the ‘as-a-service’ culture will make the difference in the next future. This is why we, in Tinext, propose you Managed Cloud Services which will complete your range of products by integrating cloud solutions that increase speed, efficiency and longevity of your applications.

Get ready for the future

Applications are at the core of any activity. However, delivering and maintaining them requires investments, time and continuous updates in order to stay ahead with the quick technological development. Offering quality services is not enough anymore, you need to guarantee performances in time if you want to compete with the great players’ offers.

Trusting on us, you can count on innovative services which will give you a boost over competition. With MCS solutions, planned around the needs of your business, you can ensure an efficient service to your customers, while relying on immediate assistance whenever you need it.

Your competitive edge

Your customers’ interest towards cloud and as-a-service applications deserves a concrete answer. With Tinext MCS solutions, you will be more competitive and able to offer a unique service to your customers by allowing them to access and use your applications from the web at any time and from anywhere.

Choosing Tinext, you could always count on a team of experts which, besides solving problems connected to hardware, will support you while transferring in cloud your softwares to offer them as-a-service.

We will deal with the management of systems, their update and security, by protecting your data and programs from cybercrime with affordable Security-aaS. At the same time, you could keep control over your applications, which will be always available in an end-to-end mode. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to implement our Back-up and Disaster Recovery Service in order to be always operative even in case of failures or malfunctions of the system.