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Solutions for the future

The IT landscape has changed

If software has been the focus of technological development for years, there's no doubt that ‘as a service’ options will rise to prominence sooner than we think. And, of course, this is exactly where MCS solutions are making headway. Complete your range of products and services by integrating cloud solutions to increase the speed, efficiency and longevity of your apps.

Get ready for the future

Distributing applications and ensuring they're always ready to use and performing at their peak is an important step towards a competitive advantage. Nowadays, however, even the best skills as a developer and the deepest level of software customisation are not enough: offers from major competitors are increasingly leveraging clients’ demands for timely assistance combined with an easier, quicker, solution.

Your competitive edge

Your clients’ interest in the cloud and applications as a service deserves a concrete answer. With Tinext's MCS solutions, you’ll be more competitive than ever and assisted by a team of experts that, in addition to hardware issues, can provide support in transferring your software to the cloud, providing them as a service. You’ll maintain end-to-end control, while extending the advantages of your product offering with complementary back-up, DRaaaS and security services.