System Integrator

When collaboration means innovation

Your company, your future

Years may have gone by, but the enthusiasm that launched your business hasn’t faded one bit. And if you’ve always given your all to your clients, now you can give them even more, offering cutting-edge services and the chance to keep their data safe and sound. With Tinext, you can give them the future, today.

Challenges of ever-evolving IT

The digital world changes quickly, and even if today's cloud is an already-established reality, not all system integrators are able to get the most out of in-house or co-located virtualization. That’s often due to excessive costs, a lack of certification and the risk of making the wrong investments in a highly competitive context. However, what if it was possible to rely on a certified partner that offers flexible MCS solutions to help you save while continuing to focus directly on your clientèle, care free?

A cloud player, guaranteed from the start

With Tinext's managed cloud services, you’ll retain full control over your business and clients, while enjoying greater agility and efficiency thanks to scalable, secure IaaS solutions. We’ll be close by not just geographically, with our DC in Canton Ticino, but with 24/7 assistance, strategic consultancy for your projects, and marketing and sales support to promote customised services.