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“Everything it takes” to protect Microsoft 365 and Teams data

Using a cloud platform, such as Microsoft 365, you could assume that any data entered or updated via these apps would be kept forever in Microsoft's capable servers: this is not exactly true.

In one of those documents and contracts that we sign without thinking too much, Microsoft clearly states that the responsibility for the data lies with the customer and not with MS (check the Office 365 Trust Center).


Federico Proserpio

Managed Cloud Services Business Developer

The responsibility for the data is not Microsoft's - it's yours!

Items in the recycle bin are automatically deleted by Microsoft after 30 days (or slightly more depending on the contracts). This is useful but it isn’t a solution! Several studies show that the need to recover a data occurs on average much later: after 140 days.

Likewise, the data produced with Office 365, are not protected from  accidental overwriting, cyber threats or from deletions made by mistake or maliciously for example by an employee. It has been assessed that data stored on OneDrive for Business, are not protected from ransomware and other cyberattacks: Microsoft’s OneDrive Sync Client allows you to sync your OneDrive data from your PC to the cloud and vice versa. If a ransomware corrupts the files in your OneDrive for Business sync folder, the data will be synced back to the cloud, and all the data in your OneDrive for Business environment will also be infected.

It is hard to fully recover the data produced with Teams

The Teams video conferencing and sharing platform is increasingly used due to the pandemic: Teams users quintupled last year from 20 million to 115 million worldwide. Unfortunately, the data exchanged on Teams are scattered across different software components of the MS suite. This becomes a problem when it is necessary to restore this data consistently.

Deploy a data protection leader in your Teams

The Seattle-based company is unrivaled in productivity solutions but the best choice for data security is Veeam.  Microsoft cannot really win over Veeam when data protection is at stake! Companies that really care about security, either to comply with standards and regulations (such as in Finance or Health) or because they consider it a competitive plus, can therefore combine 365 with a complementary offer such as that of Veaam.

A wide and flexible range of backup solutions

Tinext is a ‘silver level’ Veeam Cloud & Service Provider and offers to its clients (companies and IT partners) a leading-edge and top-performing infrastructure to store safely their backups.

Tinext provides a wide range of solutions including searching and restoring lost Microsoft 365 data. Should you retrieve an essential email erased months before by a former employee?  That wouldn’t be an issue and the mail could be retrieved in a matter of seconds.

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