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Swiss traditions to protect your data

Located in Morbio Inferiore, Canton Ticino, our Data Center embodies the professionalism that Switzerland is known for. Reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of what we do, because we know that failures or natural disasters can strike at any time, costing several thousand euros. This is the reason why we have developed an advanced Backup and Disaster Recovery system: safe and scalable, adapting perfectly to your needs, for ultimate protection.

Business Continuity

One of the greatest dangers for a company is to lose all the data in the system. The downtime, just to use a technical term, can cost dearly both in terms of investment, as well as in terms of reputation and trust from the customers’ point of view.

Thanks to our enterprise backup and cloud disaster recovery services, you will guarantee to your company the highest protection from natural disasters, computer disservices and human errors. A specific consultant will be at your disposal to give you advice during each step: from the planning of a tailor-made offer according to your needs up to support in case of system failure.

Remote Backup

Transfer the full backup of your enterprise into our Data Center in Ticino through Veeam Cloud Connect. Rely on PRO Backup for a cloud copy and storage of data folders and benefit of Remote Storage with ssh, rsync and sftp access protocols. It concerns quick processes without any risk: your enterprise data will be copied and stored in our data center, a structure equipped with cutting edge safety systems.

Sensitive data of your enterprise and your customers will be kept with the highest safety inside our Swiss infrastructures, thanks to our information safety management systems certified ISO 27001.

By duplicating all your enterprise data in an external Data Center through cloud backup solutions, you should never worry about possible system crashes, accidental deletions, malware or natural disasters. In case of problems, the selected partner will immediately recover the data through his data center.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

In case of natural disasters, IT system malfunctions, human errors or maintenance interventions, it is essential to minimise the downtime. Our highly flexible offer will give you the best market standards: you can have a Disaster Recovery website by using Veeam Cloud Replicae VMware availability.

Your data and your resources will be duplicated in our Swiss Data Center through a cloud storage service: hence, these data will be kept in a specific server, ready to be used in case of need or maintenance. This way, operational continuity and data protection will be guaranteed. 

A specific consultant will be always at your disposal to supply you a quick support in case of sudden failures: hence, the intervention promptness will allow you to reduce downtime and be operative in no time.

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