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Swiss traditions to protect your data

Located in Morbio Inferiore, Canton Ticino, our Data Center embodies the professionalism that Switzerland is known for. Reliability and responsiveness are the foundation of what we do, because we know that failures or natural disasters can strike at any time, without warning. Absolute security, but so much more: our advanced Backup & Disaster Recover system is scalable, adapting perfectly to your needs.

Remote Backup

Duplicating data or your entire virtualization infrastructure is now fast and risk-free. Transfer a complete backup of your structure to our Data Center in Canton Ticino with Veeam Cloud Connect. Rely on PRO Backup to copy data folders and use Remote Storage with SSH, rsync and SFTP access protocols.

Disaster recovery as a service

Our highly-customisable services offer the highest standards currently available: you can have a disaster recovery site using Veeam Cloud Replication, VMware availability and Zerto. Your data and resources are duplicated at our Data Center, ready to be used during maintenance or in case of an emergency. Minimum downtime for a quick, painless reset. 

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