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Swiss reliability will protect your data

Our Data Center in Morbio Inferiore (Tessin) embodies the best of Swiss thoroughness, recognized all over the world. Here do reliability and meticulousness live. To protect you, we have developed an advanced Backup & Disaster Recovery system, safe and scalable, tailored to your needs. We know that failures as well as act of gods can strike without warning, and they could generate damages for thousand of euros.

Maximum Operational Continuity

One of the biggest nightmares for any company is the danger of losing all the system data. What is technically defined as downtime can cost dearly in economic terms, damaging the company reputation.

Through our corporate backup and cloud disaster recovery services, you will ensure your company data the highest protection from natural disasters, IT outages and human errors. 
A dedicated consultant will be at your service to advise you at every stage: from the definition of an offer tailored to your needs, up to giving support in case of system failures.

Remote Backup

With Veeam Cloud Connect you could easily transfer a complete backup of your structure to our Data Center in Ticino. With a fast and risk-free process your company data will be copied and stored in our data center, a facility equipped with cutting-edge security systems.

Our ISO 27001 certified information security management systems would ensure that all the sensitive information about your company and your customers would be safely stored in our Swiss infrastructures.

Having replicated all your company data to an external Data Center through cloud backup solutions, you will no longer have to worry about system crashes, accidental deletions, malware or natural disasters. Should any problem arise, the selected partner, through its own data center, will take care of the immediate data recovery.

A Backup For Office 365

Right, Microsoft Office 365 is robust and extremely functional Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, but is it error-proof? Our experience shows that there are at least six significant vulnerabilities you can overcome with a backup:naccidental deletion of data; gaps and confusion in the retention policy; internal and external security threats to security; the legal and compliance requirements and, finally, managing distributions and migrations hybrid email to Office 365.

Choosing Microsoft Office 365 is a smart business decision to improve efficiency and performance. However, you could be safer selecting a backup solution that offers you complete access and control of your data and allows you to avoid unnecessary risks. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Should natural disasters, IT system malfunctions or human errors occur as well as during maintenance operations minimizing downtime are paramount. Our highly customizable offer provides you with the best market standards. With Veeam Cloud Replica and VMware availability, you will get a Disaster Recovery site.

All your data and resources will be replicated in our Swiss Data Center via the cloud storage service: they will therefore be stored on a dedicated server, ready to be used in case of need or maintenance. In this way, business continuity and data protection will be ensured.

Our dedicated consultant will always be available to provide you with prompt support should sudden failures occur: the timely intervention will allow you to limit downtimes going operational again in the shortest possible time.

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