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The cloud with superior performance

Physical Infrastracture is getting quickly obsolete. Tinext helps you stay competitive thanks to flexible on-demand cloud services, whether you choose complete virtualization, hybrid solutions or a dedicated system. You decide the level of autonomy and investment and our team of experts will take care of the rest.

Virtual Data Center

Adaptability, Automation, agile processes make our Virtual Data Centers the perfect tool for those seeking elevated performance and scalable resources. Maintain control over your infrastructure with the Software Defined Data Center from VMware and monitor the safety of your servers thanks to on-the-job training provided by our support staff.

Hybrid Cloud

If you already have an in-house virtualization platform and you want to extend it to the cloud, our hybrid option makes it possible to protect the investment you’ve already made and extend the lifespan of your solution. 100% scalable and convenient, Tinext’s hybrid configuration means you decide when and what resources should be moved to the cloud. The two platforms will always be connected and integrated.


The Tinext Tier III Data Center is located in Canton Ticino, housed in a safe, secure building that embodies the best in Swiss reliability. Concentrate on your core business while we manage your infrastructure, and let redundant connectivity ensure operational continuity. Cut investment costs thanks to a flexible solution that offers a hardware rental option.

Dedicated infrastructure

Reach your full potential in total security and at top speed. The dedicated physical environments are separated from third parties, protected according to strict privacy standards and rigorously monitored 24 hours a day. The software you need can be pre-installed by our specialised engineers, meaning it's immediately ready to use.

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