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Greater collaboration and data integration

Simplicity, accessibility, focus, security and growth: this is what Tinext’s advanced services ensure in a collaborative context. You won’t waste skills anymore to manage elaborated applications, software incompatibilities, to ensure maintenance and to prevent data losses. You will discover the pleasure - and the convenience - of focusing on your core business, handing over complexities and problems to an efficient and reliable partner.

DevOps Solutions

Collaboration and communication are the pillars of DevOps. A philosophy that exploits technological platforms, application development and quality certification to guarantee agility, safety, and speed achieving the best customer experience.

Rely on Tinext, confident that it will be able to offer you an innovative set of applications to simplify collaboration. These application will seamless communicate with each other with no interruptions or information losses.

The companies we advised are experience a far easier collaboration between development and operation teams thanks to native cloud technologies that simplify and automate workloads. These way business activities become faster, safer and flexible enough to adapt quickly to market changes, simplifying and optimizing workloads.

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Platform as a Service

Forget about infrastructure complexity: devote all the best resources to application development, testing, versioning and management of corporate applications - even mission-critical ones. Tinext will deal with costs and with purchasing, configuring, optimizing and managing the basic hardware and software.

Harness the power of PaaS to develop applications and services. Do access to SQLaaS for team collaboration, web and database integration; as well as for security and operational management and content management, scalable and robust solutions. Focus on developing and managing your software.

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