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Ready for the future?

The speed of technological life cycle is, without any doubt, a great challenge for companies and SMEs alike. But what if it were possible to turn these challenges into opportunities? All while keeping your data and tools and minimising the operative costs and the related risks?

Tinext can help you during this difficult process through the outsourcing management of hardware and software infrastructures. This way, you can keep control of data and applications, while trusting on an efficient, completely scalable and always updated structure. Furthermore, you can reduce investments and operative costs by paying only for the services you need. You will always be able to lean on the experience of a solid group, with a team of highly qualified professionals, who will advise you and help you to get all the benefits of cloud services.

The key to the future

It is known that the key for future business is the ability to innovate; we think that it is not possible to innovate by keeping on using legacy systems, obsolete infrastructures which are not good in terms of performance and slow down the growth. Weaknesses such as high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), a reduced business continuity, cybercrime and higher costs of hardware can damage companies and create strong pressures.

This is the reason why it is essential to find reliable partners, who could offer innovative services. Tinext represents a safe choice, suitable to people who don’t want to bet, but rather face any challenge with the right means. We can offer you smart, concrete and completely tailor-made cloud services according to your needs. Our technicians will be always at your disposal to help you detect, from time to time, the best solutions for the development of your company.

Double the opportunities, half the risks

Change is always difficult, above all when you need to outsource the management of sensitive services. This is the reason why we do not only offer you the cutting-edge technology of the sector: we know you want to keep control over the entire process. In this sense, Tinext is an excellent partner. Choosing our cloud solutions, you can control at any time where and how your data are kept. You just need to visit personally our Data Center Tier III in Canton Ticino, a structure equipped with the most advanced security standards.

Our clients can trust on an efficient and accurate 24/7 service, updates, complete support and secure infrastructures minimising the risks and increasing your business. The direct relationship allows to minimise risks, improve the management of infrastructures and make ICT services suitable to the needs of your company. With us, you can improve your business, by taking advantage of the opportunities of technological innovation.