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At what stage are you in your digital transformation? Whatever your journey, you can trust Tinext’s DevOps solutions to provide you with a set of applications that can communicate with each other quickly and fluently, in order to improve both collaboration between your teams and the customer experience. With Tinext’s solutions, you can lighten workloads and make your corporate activities faster, more flexible and secure, and capable of adapting rapidly to market changes.

VMware Private Cloud Platform

VMware is one of the global leaders in Cloud infrastructures. By choosing VMware Private Cloud, you can enjoy a service that offers many advantages: assisted administration, complete security management, resource provisioning, data segregation, east-west security and much more. With this solution, you can avoid the need to have local Data Centres or Private Clouds, which are extremely heavy for company resources and are not very agile when it comes to adjusting to structural changes.


The VMware Private Cloud solution offered by Tinext supports three different types of Private Cloud (Virtual Private Cloud, In Hosting Private Cloud and Managed Private Cloud), allowing you to use a flexible, low-cost, high-performance Cloud services that can be easily accessed by all the resources in your infrastructure.

Containers and orchestration software

The strength of Tinext’s solutions also gives you access to container orchestration software. Containers are packages containing the elements required for the execution of software in any environment. Using these orchestration systems, you can distribute a single application across various environments without needing to redesign it each time.


Thanks to containers, your company can use infrastructure as a service, freeing up resources dedicated to agile app development, in line with the DevOps philosophy. Tinext’s orchestration solutions offer the possibility of fully automating container management, also ensuring excellent potential for scalability.

Automation with Terraform

Terraform is a Cloud Director that allows you to automate Cloud infrastructure management. Terraform is based on the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) principle and enables the agile management of your infrastructure through code. These days, Terraform is one of the most popular solutions with companies that need to manage a Multicloud infrastructure, and with Tinext’s support, it can be used on any provider.


With Terraform, your company’s developers will be able to configure a fast, reliable and fully automated infrastructure. The platform helps to reduce the margin for error during the configuration and provisioning phase, enabling easy preparation of the network for the supply of new services. Terraform is also very easy to install, whether you use Linux or Windows as your operating system.

S3 Object Storage

The Object Storage architecture allows you to store your data as independent units called “objects”. With a unique key, each object can be identified quickly and precisely, whatever its storage position.


Tinext’s Object Storage solution is ideal if you are looking for a solution with high performance and top security parameters. The multi-tenancy system allows you to create multiple account levels without impacting the Object Storage performance. Tinext recommends looking into this solution, which is designed to be endlessly scalable, integrated with other storage systems and compatible with the most used protocols like S3 and Swift.

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