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Focus on developing and managing your software

Do you want to forget about the complexity of you infrastructure and concentrate solely on managing and developing your software? With Tinext, you can take advantage of all the capabilities of a PaaS service, which is dedicated entirely to managing the purchase, configuration and optimisation of hardware and software. This leaves you free to focus fully on app development, tests and managing enterprise apps, including the most critical.

Magnolia Private Cloud

Tinext offers you the opportunity to use Magnolia Private Cloud’s PaaS so that you can enjoy the infrastructure of renowned IaaS providers and add specialised platform functions. This will help you to significantly reduce your management and customisation costs because your engineers will not have to create and manage the infrastructure, so they can spend all their time implementing new features for the end users.


There are many advantages that Magnolia Private Cloud offers. Distribution will be faster and more flexible, to create environments that are always ready to use and suitable for test and development projects. Performance will be optimal thanks to the possibility of distributing the Cloud in various areas and dynamically allocating resources to handle traffic peaks. Magnolia gives you a high level of security, with the ability to monitor activities constantly and intervene to solve problems quickly.

SQL as a Service

SQL as a service (SQLaaS) allows you to use a database for developers hosted on the cloud. SQL is especially designed to handle the so-called Relational Databases and is ideal for developing functions and apps for your business.


SQL as a service is based on a subscription model and has important features that make it increasingly desirable. It is an adaptable, dynamic and reliable database that can be scaled to your needs.


Compared to internal databases, which require a considerable amount of effort and investment and often prove to not be sufficiently scalable, SQLaaS is a secure, efficient and low-cost alternative. To use it, you only have to purchase a periodic subscription. It is perfect for those looking for a cheaper solution that is more adaptable to their needs. 

SAP Hana certified infrastructure

SAP Hana is a solution offered by Tinext that can help you create a multi-model database to store data in its memory instead of on a disk. SAP Hana is extremely flexible and can be installed either on site or in the cloud. The main advantage of this solution is that it allows for much faster processing of data than fixed disk-based systems and it is ideal if your organisation has a huge amount of data that must be monitored in real time.


SAP Hana can integrate a lot of data produced by any department in your company, coming from anything from traditional documents (like spreadsheets) to information from customers’ and operators’ mobile devices. With SAP Hana, you can also use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyse the data instantly and in depth, in order to speed up the decision-making process.

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