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One of the best private Swiss Banks

EFG International is a Swiss private bank, founded in Zurich in 1995. In 2016 it completes the acquisition of BSI (Banca della Svizzera Italiana) and together they became one of the main private banks in Switzerland. The competitive position in the global market of wealth management and the investment services offered in several countries around the world made it necessary to pay a higher attention towards EFG International web infrastructure.


The old EFG International website was not able anymore to support the complexity of operations to be done and even the smallest modification needed the previous screening of the IT department: complex and strict procedures made implementations long and expensive to realise. According to the growing competition on a global level, EFG International needed a technological web structure able to combine flexibility and simplicity of use even by non-experts, by guaranteeing at the same time the highest safety standards typical of the Swiss bank service.

Magnolia CMS, for a safe and intuitive web infrastructure

After having understood perfectly EFG International’s needs, Tinext MCS have found in CMS MAGNOLIA the best solution. It is a system with an open source approach based on Java; it is intuitive, easy to use and perfectly safe. With the right technical support by a qualified supplier, EFG International could have used such a CMS to build a new and more efficient web platform. And with more than 800 perfectly successful implementations, Tinext MCS was the right partner for such an activity.

Thanks to Magnolia technology and to the dedicated and fully managed infrastructure, we have guaranteed to EFG International an efficient and modern web presence. Moreover, we relieved the client of the concern of managing and updating their systems, taking charge of the entire maintenance and software stack updating process.

This obviously happened with the highest attention to the security of information, extremely important for a bank institution. This is the reason why Tinext MCS subjects the whole EFG International web infrastructure to regular security checks, with tests planned to verify possible fails and system vulnerabilities.


Higher quality and efficiency in the management of service and web infrastructure.

High security standards.

Continuous technical support, with prompt intervention in case of malfunctions.

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