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Smartphones are cloud architectures examples

Perhaps at this very moment, many entrepreneurs and CEOs of small and medium enterprises are pondering whether to shift their organization towards Cloud Computing. They see any step of the cloud journey as an attractive perspective certainly, but may be a little too risky. When they hear about backup or infrastructure 'as a service' they could even be afraid of going 'too far'.

While making these reflections, the CEO certainly has a smartphone in his hand or on his desk. Probably at the same time his partner, his children, even his mother are using an app on their smartphone.

We are all satisfied cloud users

Well, the smartphone is a 100% cloud architecture, isn’t it!? Most apps adopt a Software-as-a-Service approach (just a fraction of the code resides in the mobile phone) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (most computing power is provided by the cloud), not to mention the backup-as-a-service apps we routinely use to store out photos or videos.

We all find it perfectly natural and very comfortable to live in this 100% cloud architecture which is probably far more advanced than what the owner / CEO is prudently considering. Nobody cares to know where the data are stored nor who will cater the computing power needed. And besides: who buys a CD or rents DVDs anymore? It's far easier to watch movies on Netflix or listen to music with Spotify!

Today people, not companies, are the IT leading edge users

Without realizing it, a seismic shift took place. People are often far ahead of companies today as IT users. Until yesterday, IT solutions were born in the largest organizations, later were gradually adopted by medium-sized companies and finally by individuals and PMI, whereas today customers beat hands-on most companies in terms of cloud proficiency.

Moving to the cloud is not a risky option. Nobody knows this better than you who are reading (perhaps on a smartphone) these words. As a smartphone user, you have fully appreciated the prompt availability, the flexibility and ease of use of cloud apps, the speed with which they are downloaded and implemented or updated, their service continuity and data security. All this is made possible by advanced cloud solutions! Should you deny any longer your business to take enjoy the same benefits?

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