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IaaS: a choice of freedom

The physical infrastructures of a company quickly become obsolete or insufficient, they require investments not to lose ground to the competition. The same goes for software: operating systems and environments. The weight of legacy, (availability of hardware, environments and applications) often constrains business operations.

Open new horizons.

For these reasons, many have realized that 'turning off' the corporate Data Center upgrading to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach is not a gamble nor a simple cost-reduction exercise. It is a choice of freedom.

It is not just a matter of transforming fixed costs into operating costs. The resources at your disposal will be tailored to the actual company operations and this will open up new horizons for your company allowing the CIO to focus the expertise of your IT resources on creating value for the company.

What's in the kitchen?

Let's imagine you have invited friends to dinner and have to cook something special. If you do not have time to shop, the choice will be limited by what is in the pantry and in the refrigerator and by the current availability of fires, ovens and cooking equipment. Should the dinner took place in a restaurant instead; you could order everything that is in the menu. The kitchen of a large restaurant, in fact, is much better organized than that of a private individual (not to mention the hours not spent in the kitchen). During the dinner, you can focus on chatting with your friends without worrying about preparing and bringing the dishes to the table.

The same happens when you outsource your own infrastructure to the Cloud with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach. The comparison has just one difference. In this case, dining 'Chez Cloud’ costs nothing more than dining at home.

Creativity without constraints.

Moving completely to the Cloud means accessing the most advanced operating systems and applications, being no longer constrained by storage, computing power or compatibility considerations.

A Cloud partner as Tinext MCS allows SMEs to be fast and competitive, thanks to a wide choice of on-demand Cloud solutions, flexible and perfectly adaptable to your actual needs.

The CIO therefore, like the customer in a restaurant, can be 100% focused on the company needs. The execution bit will be delegated to the 'kitchen' and to the staff, that is, to the team of qualified experts in Tinext MCS.

In full command.

Moving your data center to the Cloud does not involve any loss of control. You will just shed the annoyances and risks related to the physical presence of the hardware on-premises. From its bridge, at the helm of its IT resources, the CIO and his employees will maintain full control over the hardware and software infrastructures.

A Software-Defined Data Center created with the VMware vCloud Director platform allows you to 'go down to the engine room' at any time and check the safety and performance of the resources used. Moreover, if the provider is VMware Cloud Verified as Tinext MCS is, full compatibility with the systems is ensured.

A forward-looking choice.

Virtualizing your data center and using the as-a-service mode for infrastructures management is a forward-looking choice. It is the best way to obtain optimal performance, and rely on scalable resources for your applications. A partner like Tinext MCS can make business processes more agile, adaptable and fully automated, while allowing you to maintain complete infrastructure autonomy.

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