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‘It’ happens!

Disaster recovery is an insurance policy and a feather in your cap, too.

When we hear about 'disaster recovery', our thoughts turn to unforeseeable and catastrophic but fortunately unlikely events i.e: lightning, fires, avalanches, earthquakes, floods ... In an age of cost-savings, the choice not to 'ensure' business continuity in the face of such rare risks would be understandable.

In reality, the term ‘disaster’ doesn’t just refer to something catastrophic and relatively unlikely but to any event that can temporarily interrupt business continuity.

High risk, not so low frequency

These can be scheduled events such as maintenance interventions on hardware or software as well as works that affect the physical environments inside the organization: renovations, or removals, or external (works that affect external data networks, energy) as well as any event that makes data or software unavailable forever.

A virus that infects software or ransomware that encrypts all or part of the organization's data. An IT employee who intentionally or mistakenly deletes or alters data…. name it!

The compound probability of a interruption in the business continuity is therefore not as low as it seems. Managing these risks is possible. On premises data centers can replicate data and software on an external virtualization platform at the Tinext data center in Morbio Inferiore or/and in the data center that Tinext MCS has in Zurich.

Ready for anything with DRaaS in the Cloud

Full continuity in the event of a disaster is ensured by VMware's virtualization platform. Tinext MCS is affiliated to the VMware Cloud Provider Program Partner and has also achieved, the first Partner for Italian Switzerland, the VMware Cloud Verified partner.

The formulas available are different: Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) in the Cloud allows you to significantly reduce the costs of building and maintaining the structure, to involve fewer staff and to have an always up-to-date and performing solution available.


The service provider can support the IT department of the company both in the planning, implementation and periodic testing phases, as well as providing specialized systems support during an emergency, when systems need to be restored quickly.

Tinext MCS and the DRaaS Tinext MCS, compliant with UNI EN ISO / IEC 27001: 2017 requirements and with FINMA circulars 2018/03 and 2008/21, has two Tier III classified data centers, one in Morbio Inferiore and one in Zurich, both located on Swiss territory in order to ensure data sovereignty and coverage in the event of localized disasters.

Tinext IaaS platform relies on VMWare’s vCloud Director, vSphere and NSX, granting easy access to a full set of interoperable capabilities that allow companies to easily replicate their applications and data to an infrastructure protected and maintained by Tinext MCS technical staff, active 24 hours a day and ready to provide support to IT departments from the implementation phase of the Disaster Recovery plan, to the execution of periodic tests, without impact on production systems.

A plus to 'resell' to the best customers

When working with first-class customers, adherence to the highest standards in safety is often mandatory or can differentiate your products. Often the information networks of a key supplier are integrated with those of the customer and it is important that they have the same level of security and resilience. In this sense, in addition to being an investment, an effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategy is not just a cost, a sort of 'insurance premium', it can also become a marketing plus.

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