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Swiss Hosting label to certify Swiss quality and confidentiality in ICT and Cloud

“Swiss” stands for data sovereignty and software quality

"Deglobalization": Never heard of? Too bad, because it has been a serious trend after the global financial 2008 crisis. Newspapers have been reporting about trade wars, re-shoring, suspicions or clues about the extent to which Russian and Chinese governments use hackers or legitimate ICT companies as pawns to achieve strategic gains.

From the 'western bloc' threats are less stealthy but no less real. The U.S. Cloud Act signed in 2019 gives US agencies the power to access any data stored in the US and even abroad if the cloud operator is headquartered in the US, has US citizens as shareholders or even has just a permanent establishment in the US.

Data sovereignty is the name of the game.

People and companies have a right to be sure that their data, entrusted to a cloud operator (as a backup, in hybrid or full cloud scheme), won't be shared with anyone, not even at the behest of an US security agency.

“Made in Switzerland? It Works!”

Tinext Managed Cloud Services welcomes the swiss made software label and joined it for many reasons. As a seal of quality, it recognizes the work and the reliability of a whole industry. The seal’s payoff says it all: “Made in Switzerland? It Works!”

More recently, the organization that promoted the “swiss made software " brand created the twin "swiss hosting" logo.

“When the US government with the Cloud Act extends the unilateral American data claim to any data that American companies store on foreign territories, people and companies need a guarantee that their data will remain confidential”, explains Christian Walker, cofounder of the Swiss Hosting initiative.

Data sovereignty and client confidentiality

"Switzerland can boast, its quality and reliability, as well as centuries-old and universally recognized tradition of confidentiality and emphasis on privacy", points out Marco Tramacene, vice president of Tinext Managed Cloud Services, "On the cloud, companies place their intellectual property, key information. The global competition is getting harsher, not always fair and we witness different levels of assurance depending on the jurisdiction".

It is worth to underscore that even the Swiss government deemed it right to study the data sovereignty issue from both strategic – geopolitical and confidentiality angles and has been studying the feasibility of a Swiss Cloud initiative.

“Your data stay in Switzerland. Control over your data remains here too”

 “The “swiss hosting” logo that Tinext will be allowed to use, means that Tinext’s servers are located in the Swiss territory and are managed in Switzerland”, notes Tinext MCS’ Massimo Baioni. “the data we store are therefore under to the sovereignty of a country like Switzerland jealous of its prerogatives and of its century-old neutrality and independence”.

"The “swiss hosting” logo makes two clear commitments to our hosting and SaaS customers: '1) Your data will stay in Switzerland. 2) Control over your data also will remain here.' Our forecast is that this simple concept, well-rooted in the image that the world has of the Confederation, will become increasingly important in the strategies of European and non-European companies and organizations in the coming years ", concludes Alberto De Lorenzi, president of Tinext Group.

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